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King's Day Amsterdam 2016

King Willem-Alexander Planning on visiting Amsterdam on King's Day (or Night) on 27th April? Great! You've come to the right place. AmsterdamKoningsdag.nl is your place to start! On this website you'll find all the information you need, from an overview of all the best events happening in Amsterdam to booking a hotel for your visit. Can't find what you're looking for? Simply send us an e-mail!

Koningsdag: What's King's day? Orange Craze?

With King's Day everybody is dressed in orange! King's day, Kingsday or Koningsdag (as we call it), is a national holiday in the Netherlands. On this day we celebrate the birthday of the King of the Netherlands. It's also a typical occasion for the world-famous Orange Craze. The colour orange is a ubiquitous sight, referring to the name of our royal family, the House of Orange. Everywhere in the city you'll see orange banners, orange coloered foods and drinks and... people dressed in Orange! So don't forget your orange t-shirt when you join us in the Orange Craze on King's Day!!!

Koningsnacht: The night before, King's Night

Because the Dutch people just like to party, we start celebrating King's Day already on the evening of the day before! Usually we start at 7 p.m. and go on until the morning of King's Day. This is called Koningsnacht, King's Night. There are a lot of different events, some of the best are outside and completely free for everyone! On this night you can enjoy many different parties and move all across the city from one party to another. Planning on celebrating King's Day in Amsterdam? Be sure you don't miss this night!

Hotel: Party, sleep, party and sleep again

Planning on partying with us? Although we party all night long on King's Night, until the early hours of the King's Day, you'll need a place to sleep. And one day is way too short for visiting Amsterdam. So, that's why you need a hotel in Amsterdam. How? Where? When? Booking accommondations in Amsterdam for King's Day is notoriously difficult. But not with a little help from AmsterdamKoningsdag.nl! We make it very easy (and cheap) to book a hotel in Amsterdam. Just browse to our Hotel-page and just pick the hotel of your choice!


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